Warana Home Loan

ANNOUNCEMENTS WARANA is eminently, a unique name that stands as forerunner in the co-operative movement in India. The name WARANA sounds suitable wherever there is a mention of co-operative movement.

Warana Personal Cash Credit


For procurement of Accidental,Home,Business expenses

A-class Member of the bank who is Fixed employee of State/Central/Public sector unit/Private company.

A-class Member of the bank who is Self Employeed,Professional having Income Tax Returns


For procurement of Accidental,Home,Business expenses.

Type Of Loan

Cash Credit

Loan Amount:

10 times of the basic salary or double amount of the taxable income of last year, or 2,00,000 lac Rs whichever is less.


36 months.


Yearly Revenue(Renewal after every 3 years)

Documentation Charges:

Aggrement on 200 rs stamp.

400 Rs stamp for documentation as per the law.

Interest Rate:


Bank Security:

A) Personnel Gauranty

B) Assigning Life Insurance Policy in the name of applicant of Double amount than the sanction   amount.

C) Fixed deposit of 5% or minimum 1000/- Rs or Maximum 10,000/-Rs in the name of applicant has to be lean marked

D)Recurring deposit of 1% or minimum 500/- Rs whichever is maximum has to be lean mark in the name of the borrower.

Share Linking:

5% of the sanctioned amount.


2 A class members with sound financial background.


Processing Charges: