Warana Recurring Deposit Scheme

ANNOUNCEMENTS WARANA is eminently, a unique name that stands as forerunner in the co-operative movement in India. The name WARANA sounds suitable wherever there is a mention of co-operative movement.

Warana Recurring Deposit Scheme

Eligibility :

An Individual, firm, partner & company, can open recurring deposit account. Even a minor can open Recurring deposit account with us. It is ideal for Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen, students, household women etc.

Amount of Deposit :

Monthly installment with a minimum Rs.50/- and in multiples of Rs.10/- thereafter

Period of Deposit :

Minimum 6 months to maximum 120 months.

Mode of Payment

1. By deposit of cash
2. By transfer from SB, CA account by issuing S.I.

Rate of Interest

Attractive rate of interest paid on deposit as decided by the bank from time to time on maturity patterns. Penalty for late payment of monthly instalments.

Mode of Payment

The entire proceeds will be paid one month after last installment is paid or maturity date whichever is later Benefits
1. NO TDS.
2. Loan facility is available Upto 90% of deposit amount.
3. Nomination facility is available.
4. Account can be transferred from one branch to another branch.