Pigmy Deposits

ANNOUNCEMENTS WARANA is eminently, a unique name that stands as forerunner in the co-operative movement in India. The name WARANA sounds suitable wherever there is a mention of co-operative movement.

Pigmy Deposit

A Pigmy Deposit A/c may be opened by any person, individual, company.

  • Daily or regular deposit.
  • Our representative will come to your doorsteps.
  • Our representative will collect the pre-fixed amount. 
  • Our representative will give you printed receipt for the amount on the spot.
  • Our representative will give you services at your doorstep like loan repayment before maturity payment, etc. as per our terms & conditions.
  • Pigmy deposit can be a very small amount e.g. Rs 10/- per day, this makes you to save as per your capacity from your daily income.
  • It helps to improve your monetary stake. 
  • Interest Rate  @ 2%